Targa 130T Recreational Kayak

Targa 130T Recreational Kayak

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WILDERNESS SYSTEMS Targa 130T Recreational Kayak

The Targa 130T Tandem Sit-on-top Kayak is the ultimate choice for versatility, space, and comfort.

The open design and intuitive multiple position seat systems allow for an optimal experience on the water with friends, family, pets, or even by yourself. The camp-style seat system delivers maximum comfort, and the elevated stern seat provides greater visibility when paddling. This kayak is loaded from front to back. The hooded bow storage area keeps your belongings accessible and sheds water to help keep things dry. Integrated into the rear deck is a portable insulated cooler that keeps food and drinks cold for hours on end.

Bow Storage Hood

Ensures easy access to your belongings while keeping them protected from water.

Reversible Bow Camp-Style Seating

Offers versatility and comfort for your water adventures. This seating system allows you to adjust the position of the seat, facing forward or backward, to suit your preference and optimize your experience on the water.

Adjustable Footrests

These footrests can be easily adjusted to accommodate your leg length and paddling style, allowing you to find the perfect position for optimal comfort and stability.

Portable Cooler

Integrated into the rear deck, this insulated cooler provides a dedicated space to keep your perishables chilled for hours on end.

Open Padded Floor Design

The padded floor offers a soft and cushioned surface, ensuring a comfortable experience even during extended periods on the water. The open design allows for greater flexibility in seating and gear placement, accommodating various paddling positions and storage options.

  • Length: 156 in - 396.24 cm
  • Height: 14.5 in - 36.83 cm
  • Width: 36 in - 91.44 cm
  • Weight: 99 lb - 44.91 kg
  • Max Weight Capacity: 450 lb - 204.12 kg
  • Activity Type: Recreational
  • Passengers: Tandem
  • Cockpit Type: Sit-On-Top
  • Warranty: Lifetime Limited Warranty* (Warranty policy)
  • Colors may vary slightly from those shown as each kayak that we produce is unique. Variations in color are not covered by warranty.

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Its open design and intuitive seat systems ensure an optimal experience whether you're paddling with friends, family, or by yourself. The camp-style seat system provides maximum comfort, while the elevated stern seat offers better visibility while paddling.


Experience unwavering stability with this kayak, ensuring a secure and balanced ride on the water. Whether you're paddling alone or with companions, the open design and intuitive seat systems provide an optimal experience.


The open design and thoughtful layout provide generous seating and storage options, ensuring a comfortable and clutter-free experience.


Constructed with high-quality materials, it is designed to handle various conditions and provide long-lasting performance.

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