Our History

Pelican International Inc., owner of Confluence Outdoor Inc., invites you to navigate the magnificent rivers, lakes and streams that surround you, to explore your territory and to contemplate the wild beauty of nature from wherever you are, since 1968.


Foundation of the Company

Pelican International Inc. was founded in 1968. At that time, the company was a thermoforming plastic parts subcontractor and employed about ten people.

History 1968

Important Years in Innovation

In 1970, Gérard Élie bought the company and invested heavily in technological development making Pelican International Inc. as a pioneer in the field of thermoforming of plastic boats by creating the first pedal boat manufactured by this process : the bulkiest consumer product made in thermoforming in the world.

The following years, the first canoe, snowmobile sled and motor boat were produced by the same manufacturing process.


Anchoring of Pelican International Inc. in the Nautical Market

Between 1974 and 1995, Pelican International Inc. distinguished itself by marketing a variety of new products, like kayaks, windsurfing boards, pedal boats and motor boats. This first diversification was made thanks to the investments in various manufacturing processes such as single and double thermoform.


Brothers with a Vision - Complete Acquisition of Pelican International Inc. by Antoine and Christian Élie

In 1995, Christian and Antoine Élie, managers of the company since 1979, acquired all of the shares of Pelican International Inc.


Towards Accelerated Growth

In 1995, the product offering increased and diversified from 19 boat models to 48. The staff then tripled within a year: Pelican International Inc. established itself as a major employer in its region.



Entering the Mass Market: Acquisition of the American Canoe Manufacturing Division Coleman

In 2000, Pelican International Inc. obtained a licence from the American company Coleman which gave an exclusive right to manufacture canoes. This strategic positioning allowed Pelican to continue its expansion and sell in mass-market distribution channels in the United States.


Officialization of Head Office in Laval at 1000 Place Paul-Kane

In 2001, the head office was built at 1000 Place Paul-Kane, in Quebec, Canada, that include the manufacturing site, to meet new production demand.

The head office of Pelican International Inc. is still located there and a new factory was built later in 2016 at Sallaberry-de-Valleyfield, in Quebec, Canada. This construction confirms the maturity of the company.


Paradigm Shift

The early 2000s marked a turning point for Pelican International Inc. Technological advances in plastics processing made in-house made it possible to offer light, quality and affordable products : creating a paradigm shift by democratizing accessibility to kayaking.



Acquisition of Confluence Outdoor Inc.

In December 2019, Pelican International Inc. acquired Confluence Outdoor Inc., a company located in Greenville, South Carolina, which encompasses, since 1998, has brought together six brands in water sports.

With this acquisition, Pelican International Inc. expanded its family of brands and met its ambition to be the world leader in the paddle sports industry.


A Milestone - 5 Million Pelican Kayaks Sold

In 2020, Pelican International Inc. marked the sale of 5 million kayaks. Pelican International Inc. became the largest kayak manufacturer in the world.


Acquisition of Advanced Elements Inc.

On June 14, 2021, Advanced Elements Inc., a subsidiary of Confluence Outdoors Inc., was acquired by Pelican International Inc. As a pioneer in the inflatable boat market for over 20 years, Advanced Elements Inc. offers Pelican International Inc. the opportunity to further consolidate its position in the paddle sports industry by expanding its range of products.


Acquisition of GSI Outdoors Inc.

On May 19, 2022, Pelican International Inc. announced the acquisition of GSI Outdoors Inc. Founded in 1985 by the Scott family, GSI Outdoors Inc. has been innovating ever since to offer quality eco-responsible products to its customers. Based in Spokane, Washington, this company develops and distributes a complete line of camping cookware and outdoor accessories that confirms Pelican International Inc. desire to grow through diversification.