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Phase 3 Seatback Riser (2002-2012)

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WILDERNESS SYSTEMS Phase 3 Seatback Riser (2002-2012)

This Phase3 seat back part is common on the Wilderness Systems kayaks circa 2002 to 2012. The base of the Phase 3 Spine is 4 and 13/16 inches. The nipple on one side is about ½ inch in diameter, protruding about ½ inch. Phase 3 Lite is compatible with regular Phase 3. A complete Phase 3 Seat cannot be purchased, some of the parts are discontinued or restricted from sale. About 4-6 feet of 3/16 inch bungee cord is recommended when rebuilding an older Phase 3 seat. Check to make sure you have your Spring and Plunger (fits into a socket in the base on one side) before you think your riser is broken.



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