WILDERNESS SYSTEMS Oem Hardware And Fitting Kit

Best used to have commonly needed hardware and deck fittings on hand to address repairs in real time. Compatible with Wilderness Systems, Perception and Dagger kayaks.Comes in a latching plastic tackle box organizer. Includes: (5) drain plugs, (3) webbing LEDs, (6) Tarpon fittings, (30) deck loops, (20) 1/4-20X1" truss head screws, (20) #10-32X3/4" truss head screws, (20) 1/4-20 lock nuts, (20) #10-32 well nuts, (20) 1/4-20X5/8" truss head screws, (20) 1/4-20X3/4" truss head screws, (20) #10-32X 7/8" flat head screws, (10) M2.5x4.5MM screws, (20) 1/4-20 thin lock nuts, (20) flat nylon washers, (30) .610" pinetree rivets, (30) .75" pinetree rivets, (10) bungee end hooks, (10) pad eye deck fittings, (20) #10X3/4" self tapping screws, (20) 1/4" neocombo washers, (2) Tarpon seat clips, (10) paddle ferrule lever clamp, (6) seatback plunger, (6) seatback plunger spring.


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