Kayak Sponge

PERCEPTION - Kayak Sponge - Black - 8080014 - ISO
PERCEPTION - Kayak Sponge - Black - 8080014 - ISO
PERCEPTION - Kayak Sponge - Black - 8080014 - ISO

Kayak Sponge

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Quick and efficient water removal for hassle-free paddling

The Perception kayak sponge is the perfect tool for removing unwanted water from your kayak, ensuring a comfortable and dry ride. Its synthetic sponge and durable cover make it mildew-resistant and machine-washable, making it easy to clean after use. The sponge can absorb and hold up to 1 L of water, and its compact size means it can easily be stored on your kayak when not in use. The sponge features a handy tie-in tether to secure it to your kayak and prevent it from getting lost. Designed to work with all Perception sit-in and sit-on-top recreational kayaks, the Perception kayak sponge is a must-have accessory for any kayaker looking to stay dry on the water.

Handy tie-in tether

The handy tie-in tether of this kayak sponge ensures that you never lose it in the water. The tether keeps the sponge securely attached to your kayak, preventing it from drifting away or getting lost while you're out on the water.

  • Weight: 1 lb - 0.45 kg
  • Activity Type: Recreational
  • Warranty: 1 Year Limited Warranty* (Warranty policy)
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