Inflatable Repair Kit

Inflatable Repair Kit

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BOARDWORKS Inflatable Repair Kit

Be prepared for any situation with our high-quality repair kit designed specifically for inflatable watercraft. The kit includes all the necessary tools and materials to make quick and efficient repairs, including a valve wrench, a 5 oz tube of PVC repair adhesive, and 2 PVC patches. The valve wrench makes removing and replacing the valve in your inflatable watercraft easy, ensuring it stays securely in place. The repair adhesive is specially formulated for PVC materials and provides robust and long-lasting adhesion. The kit comes with 2 PVC patches, which are easy to apply and provide a reliable, waterproof seal to repair any tears or punctures in your inflatable watercraft. The patches can be cut to size for a custom fit, ensuring a solid bond and long-lasting repair. The kit components are conveniently stored in a water-tight case, which keeps everything organized and easily accessible for any on-the-go repairs.

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