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Conduit 14/Acadia 2 Seat Assembly

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PERCEPTION Conduit 14/Acadia 2 Seat Assembly

Replacement seat for the Perception Conduit & Acadia II tandem kayaks. Please measure carefully and compare before placing your order. The seat has an over all height of 16 inches at the top of the seat back. It is 26 inches at its widest and measures 21.5 inches in total length. The seat has a hinged back support, that folds down. Both the seat back and seat bottom are outfitted with thermo-form foam padding. The seat bottom is grooved to match the ridges on the Acadia II floor. The seat bottom has arms at the sides, like an armchair. These arms are drilled out with 1.25 inch diameter holes to fit the side tubes under the gunwales of the cockpit. Holes are 23.25 inches on center, 22 inches apart. The front seat in an Conduit 14/Acadia II is meant to slide on these bars, forward and aft, to trim the kayak’s load when solo paddling. Your bars should be about 22 inches apart. The rear seat is bolted to the gunwale, into the arms. Additional holes in the arms provide access for through bolting. Seat is hollow, molded, black plastic. It is assumed that this seat will fit a two-man kayak about 33 inches wide, give or take. Works for either the front or back seat in Conduit 14/ Acadia 2.



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