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The Legend of the Bunny

Mad River Canoe History

The question we get more than any other - what does the famous bunny mean?

The real story of Mad River Canoe begins in a patch of ferns, oh so long ago, with friend Rabbit. Native American legend has it that Rabbit was a great hunter and a bit of a trickster, but most of all Rabbit was confident in his abilities. So confident in fact, that even as the Lynx circles the fern, planning his attack, Rabbit is free to enjoy his pipe, secure in his abilities to avoid this mortal enemy. 

Within every legend, there is truth. And the truth in the legend of Rabbit is that confidence is a powerful asset when backed up by ability. The confidence you share with your Mad River Canoe will be backed up by our ability to produce the finest craft of its kind. We like to think that every Mad River Canoe is crafted from both truth and legend. For legends inspire us toward greatness, yet only through truth can we achieve it.

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Mad River Canoe - Legend of the Bunny

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