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Utility Sled Series

These versatile sleds are built to handle any terrain and are designed to last. Whether you're hauling firewood in winter or tackling outdoor projects year-round, Pelican Utility Sleds are your trusty companions. With their rugged construction and ample capacity, they make every task easier. Discover the convenience and reliability of Pelican Utility Sleds today and experience the difference for yourself.


Trek Sport All-Season Utility Sleds

All Season Trek Utility Sleds

Recreational Winter Sled

Baby Sled Deluxe

The safest and coziest way to introduce your little ones to the joys of winter!


Recreational and Utility Sled Series

Crafted for all your outdoor adventures, our versatile sleds combine the best of recreational fun and practical utility. With a durable design and adaptable features, our sleds are your ultimate companion for every season and every adventure. Elevate your outdoor experiences


Recreational and Utility All-Season Sled Series

Essential Sled Accessories

Enhance your sledding experience with Sled Accessories. Our thoughtfully designed accessories are tailored to complement your Pelican sled, ensuring added comfort, convenience, and durability. Elevate your adventures with our quality sled accessories and make the most of every outdoor excursion.

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