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Argo Recreational and Fishing Series

The sit-in Argo series is perfect for paddlers seeking a stable and relaxing kayaking experience. This configuration also offers enhanced performance and better protection against wind and colder waters. Available in various sizes (8', 10', 12', or even tandem), there is an Argo that will be perfect for you.

The recreational version, available in a variety of rich colors and patterns, will provide you with useful features such as easy-to-use storage for your excursions.

The angler version is built to keep all your fishing gears at hand with flush mount or swivel rod holder and enough space to fit all your tools in the tankwell, so all you have to think about is what will be your next catch.


Argo Recreational and Fishing Kayaks

Catch Fishing Series

The Catch series has wide and flat deck platform that provides a large standing area along with room for extra gear and different options for mounting your fishing accessories. No doubt about it, this sit-on-top kayak collection is for the serious kayak angler. The Catch series features a tunnel hull granting amazing stability making it easy to stand while casting your lines and there is plenty of floor space to prevent you from tripping over your equipment.

Available as the classic 10' and 12' kayaks, the Catch series is also known for its 11' and 13' versions equipped with the HyDryve II pedal drive system, making maneuvering in shallow waters or around aquatic plants a breeze! By utilizing the power of your legs, you'll be able to cover long distances without fatigue.

What's more, the Catch collection expands with the Catch PWR 100! Don't be fooled by its compact length of 9'9". The Catch PWR 100 can support a total weight of up to 450 lbs, and weighing only 78 lbs, this kayak can be easily transported on the roof of your car and can be loaded and unloaded by a single person.


Catch Fishing Kayaks

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