Kayak On Demand

A new way to live the Pelican experience!


Pelican kayaks now self-service

Pelican International is proud to have a brand new partnership with Rent-Fun to make self-service kayaks accessible. Thanks to this partnership, it is now possible to use this service at eight stations located in public spaces near a body of water in the United States.

Discover our locations

  • Horsehoe Lake, Mojave Narrows Regional Park
    San Bernardino, California, USA
  • Lake Onalaska, Great River LandinG
    Onalaska, Wisconsin, United States
  • Androscoggin River, Festival Plaza
    Auburn, Maine, United States
  • Bear Creek, Chesterwoods Park
    Olmstead County, Minnesota, USA
  • Clear Lake, Austin Park Beach
    Clearlake, California, United States
  • Lake Dora, Palm Island Park
    Mt. Dora, Florida, USA
  • OJ Watson Park
    Wichita, Kansas, United States
  • Veterans Memorial Park
    Rossford, Ohio, USA
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For people wishing to use this service on a recurring basis, several types of subscription are available. Download the mobile app to learn more > Download link

Pelican International encourages you to use this service to try our products and assure you that they meet your needs before you buy them.

In the coming years, Pelican International wants to further explore our service offering to improve your experience! All with thoughtful consumption validated by you.