Introduce Your Kids to the Joys of Being on the Water this Summer

Whether in the city or the country, there are several ways to introduce your children to the pleasures of water sports, from classes to day camps.


When school is out, summer finally starts! There's no better way to let off steam than venturing outdoors, discovering new passions, and making nature your playground. Whether in the city or the country, there are several ways to introduce your children to the pleasures of water sports, from classes to day camps.

Some programs offer introductory canoeing, others kayaking. Some even have wilderness expeditions. Here's a quick look at what Quebec, Ontario, and the Eastern United States have in store.

From Montreal to Quebec, paddle in complete freedom

Despite its urban character, the city of Laval is worth a visit for its nature areas, such as the Parc de la Rivière-des-Mille-Îles and the Centre de la nature. Both offer boat rentals to introduce your kids to various water sports, especially canoeing and kayaking.

Just across the bridge, young Montrealers can also indulge in water sports. Being an island, Montreal offers countless activities and spots to launch yourself into the water to initiate your children to canoeing or kayaking.

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Natives of the Quebec City area are equally well served with varied program offerings that include a 3-day wilderness canoe or rabaska expedition, an introduction to fishing or a multi-water program offered in Portneuf.

The municipality of Lac-Beauport also has lots to offer via its camps and nautical clubs, from initiations to fly fishing to all kinds of boat rentals to have fun on the water, ranging from canoes to tandem kayaks.

Several rivers in Quebec City will also appeal to families, such as the Saint-Charles River, the Jacques-Cartier River and the Bras-du-Nord River.

A change of scenery is only a paddle away in Ontario

For memories that last a lifetime, Ontario is full of waterways and new experiences. The region of Temagami, close to the Quebec border, has plenty of camps that offer multi-day expeditions and canoe camping. There’s no better way for young people to develop their leadership and survival skills in the wild!

Closer to the city, precisely that of Sudbury, Ramsey Lake allows you to learn the basics of boating. You can also paddle to the magnificent Laurentian Lake Conservation Park.

Nearby day camps offer a variety of programs, from introductory water sports to advanced skills for competitive kayaking and sprint canoeing.

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The Eastern United States, a raw region to explore on the water

For the more adventurous, there are some great programs in Maine with longer camps, typically three weeks long, where young people paddle from one island to another. Each participant in the expedition carries their gear in a solo sea kayak before mooring on the next island for the night. A very emotional and challenging experience!

A little further south is the beautiful state of South Carolina. From lakes lined by the Blue Ridge Mountains to the marshlands of Charleston, this state offers great locations for junior paddlers. Coastal Expeditions in Charleston, South Carolina offers a Young Naturalist Kayak Adventure Camp for ages 8-11.

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The state of Vermont is full of lush greenery and opportunities to venture out on its lakes. There’s a camp experience for everyone. Some are specially designed for young girls who want to develop their confidence and potential through canoe-camping. Conversely, other programs are aimed at young boys, bringing them to live amongst nature, away from the city. Both offer the perfect opportunity to perfect boating, kayaking or paddle boarding skills.

Enjoy models specially designed for kids for hours of fun on the water!

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