3 Tips for Finding The Best Kayak Transport Accessories

Did you just buy a new kayak and now want to go on an adventure? Don't forget to think about how you'll transport your precious craft.


Did you just buy a new kayak and now want to go on an adventure? Don't forget to think about how you'll transport your precious craft. A sturdy and permanent kayak rack seems the perfect accessory for this purpose, but there are other options if you do not have a trailer or a roof-mounted kayak rack at your disposal.

Carrying straps, a simple option to consider

Transport straps are a temporary and removable solution to transport your kayak. More affordable than a permanent kayak roof rack, transport straps allow you to test out an easy-to-install option. It's an excellent alternative for newcomers who want to make sure they enjoy kayaking before investing in a more expensive kayak rack.

If you choose this route, make sure that the straps are tight and that you have at least three anchor points to secure your kayak. Ideally, two straps should cover your kayak from bow to stern, and the last strap should be attached to the front bumper. Optimally, you would add a fourth anchor point to the rear bumper of your car for maximum safety. You can also use scupper plugs to secure your kayak to the roof of your vehicle and prevent it from wobbling when you're on the road.

Finally, for the experienced do-it-yourselfer, it is possible to install a kayak rack on the roof of your car by yourself using pool noodles to cushion the weight of the boat and ratchet straps to secure the boat.

Black Pelican Scupper Plugs for Kayak

A kayak transport cart for smart travel

Compared to a kayak rack, buying a kayak cart can minimize the physical effort required to secure your boat on the roof of your car. This practical accessory will also make it easier to get your kayak into the water allowing you to preserve your energy to enjoy your adventures on the water without exhausting yourself unnecessarily before you launch.

A kayak transport cart will quickly become a family favorite during outings with your kids. Not only will you reduce your planning time, but above all, this kayaking accessory will teach your children how to carry and take care of their boat. It is a simple task that will give them more responsibility and autonomy during your family excursions.

How to choose your kayak transport cart

Several factors can help you determine the kayak cart best suited to your needs. First, ask yourself what maximum weight it could support and whether you plan to carry other types of boats on it, such as a canoe or a paddle board. Next, it is important to determine the types of terrain you will be riding on such as flat, rocky, sloping, sandy, etc. This will guide you to target the suitable model for your needs. Kayak cart wheels are usually made of plastic or flexible rubber, the latter being more suitable for off-road use due to the width and strength of the tires. For example, the Wilderness Systems Heavy Duty Kayak Cart with Beach Wheels has large balloon-style beach wheels for easy transport on sand or soft terrain. Plastic wheels, on the other hand, work particularly well on hard, smooth surfaces and can easily withstand minor ground irregularities.

Grey Wilderness Systems Heavy-Duty Kayak Cart With 13" Beach Wheels

Find your ideal transportation accessory and get on with your adventures!

Black Pelican Universal SUP and Kayak Carrying Strap

SUP, Canoe and kayak transport cart

Easily transport your canoe, kayak, or paddleboard with this cart. A sturdy aluminum frame, large inflatable tires, and a weight limit of 110 lbs. Wilderness Systems Kayak Karts and Pelican transport carts are simple to store and easy to bring along on your adventures. Be sure to make these your go-to accessories.

Black Pelican SUP, Canoe and Kayak Transport Cart

Universal SUP and kayak carrying strap

The universal carrying strap is a must-have accessory for transporting your kayak or paddle board (SUP) from your car to the water. The size of this accessory is adjustable to fit most kayaks and SUPs and features built-in paddle loops to hold your paddle in place, leaving your hands free. Its ergonomic padded shoulder strap absorbs and distributes weight evenly.

Black Pelican Universal SUP and Kayak Carrying Strap

DLX SUP or kayak car-top carrier kit

The DLX kayak transport kit lets you quickly and safely transport your kayak or paddle board. This deluxe kayak rack includes everything you need to ensure your kayak or SUP is securely fastened while minimizing the risk of over-tightening and scratching your car.

Black Pelican dlx sup or kayak car-top carrier kit