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Canoe Collection

The classique par excellence, the Pelican canoe does not need introduction. The PELICAN 15.5 canoe is the ideal compromise between tracking and maneuverability. Shorter than an expedition canoe, it is perfect for solo or tandem rides. This canoe features three molded bench seats, vertical rod holders, a drink holder, and carrying handles. Made of RAM-X™, it is built to last.

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Recreational and Fishing Canoes

Pedal Boat Collection

The pedal boat is in Pelican’s DNA since the very beginnings: everybody has been on a Pelican pedal boat at least once in their life. From the original yellow one to our new versions like MONACO and RAINBOW, going out on a lake with a pedal boat is still a promise of great fun for everyone.


Recreational and Fishing Pedal Boats

Fishing Boat Collection

Both the Pelican Bass Raider and Intruder are built with quality, durability, and thoughtful design, ensuring you can focus on fishing and making lasting memories on the water.

The BASS RAIDER 10E NXT fishing boat offers excellent stability and tracking, and minimizes side-slipping. Fully equipped to help you navigate with peace of mind, this boat will last you through years of fishing adventures.

The INTRUDER 12 is a very stable "JON" style fishing boat boasting multiple features. This fishing boat will be the envy of adventurers looking for a reliable boat to easily accompany them on their fishing trips. A perfect model for getting off the beaten track.


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