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Paddle Collection

No matter if you prefer recreational paddling or fishing, our paddles are designed to be lightweight, durable, and ergonomic, and offer essential performances at great value. The leisure category offers a range of series, including Standard, Poseidon, Symbiosa, and Vesta, while the fishing category features the Poseidon Angler and Catch series. These paddles come in different lengths, materials, and blade shapes to accommodate your paddling preferences and adapt to various water conditions. You can choose from paddles made of aluminum, or fiberglass, each offering its unique advantages allowing you to paddle for extended periods without fatigue.

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Exo Collection

The Exo collection offers a diverse range of series, including the Exopod, Exoshell, Exopack, Exocool, Exodry, and Exocrate. Made of rugged, flexible, and waterproof 500D PVC, the Exodry easily withstands any abuse. It's versatile and keeps your belongings safe and dry for various activities, such as kayaking, fishing, canoe-camping, rafting, etc. For a lighter version, the Exodry LT can be folded and stored in any bag, pocket, or other convenient place. Due to the material used, it's also very light, which will allow you to transport it easily. Made with a tear-resistant nylon 70D, the Exodry LT is water resistant. It also has a waterproof roll top closure that helps compress items within the bag. Simply fold the top edge down at lest 3 times and attach the buckle to seal the drybag.

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You like DIY?

You may be looking to upgrade your kayak with additional parts or to replace old parts from grandma's pedal boat, no matter how creative you are, you will find the necessary parts and tools to make it happen. From bungee cords to canoe seats, including handles and hardware, Pelican offers a huge selection of parts to choose from.

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