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At Boardworks, we have various paddle boards for any adventure, including inflatable paddle boards, rigid paddle boards, soft top paddle boards, and more.

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Each board is designed to meet the needs of a specific activity. So if you like yoga on the water, look for a wider paddle board and if you are looking to coast the ocean, look for a board that is more maneuverable on waves.

Yoga Paddle Boards

Find Your Balance

Yoga Rigid and Inflatable Paddle Boards

Touring Paddle Boards

For longer distance paddling and exploring various waterways

Touring Rigid and Inflatable Paddle Boards

All-Around Paddle Boards

For various water activities and skill levels

All-Around Rigid Paddle Boards

All-Around Inflatable Paddle Boards

Boardworks offers a paddle solution to all paddlers out there, whether you are a novice or an experienced paddler. Light and strong, the striking designs are paired with the lightest and strongest materials. Our SUP paddles provide maximum efficiency in every stroke. We strive to offer you very resistant and high-quality products. Shop our full line of stand up paddle board paddles below!

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