How to register my product?

To register a new purchase, please have your product serial number ready and log in to your Confluence Outdoor account.

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Step 1: Find your serial number?

Where is my serial number?

Your product serial number is located on the back right handside of your boat on a black rectangular plate. The serial number starts with CA-ZEP followed by 5 numbers, 1 letter and 3 numbers (EX. CA-ZEP12345A678).

For KAYAKS, most of the time, the serial number is located just below the plastic weld.

For FISHING BOATS, CANOES and PEDAL BOATS the serial number is located right below the rubber molding.

Zep Finder

Step 2: Register your product

If you already have a Confluence account, you have the option to save your product in your profile.

Otherwise, you must first create a Confluence account. Using the navigation bar at the top of the screen, select "Register".

Once in your profile. access the “My Products” menu. Click the REGISTER A PRODUCT button to start the registration process.

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Product Registration