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Designed to provide comfort, stability, and maneuverability, making them perfect for exploring various waterways and enjoying long days on the water.

Conduit 13.0 Touring Kayak

Our Conduit 13.0 kayak strikes the perfect balance of speed and fun, catering to beginners and intermediate paddlers. With its safe and stable design, it instills confidence while exploring flat-water lakes, ponds, and rivers, making it an excellent choice for those looking for a kayak that grows with their skills.

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Carolina Touring Series

The Carolina series includes the Carolina 12.0 and Carolina 14.0 kayaks, both designed for excellent performance and comfort. The Carolina 12.0 is lightweight and stable, making it suitable for beginners and experienced kayakers alike. With ample dry storage and a six-point adjustable seat, it allows for extended trips and overnight excursions. For those seeking more speed and storage capabilities, the Carolina 14.0 offers added benefits like increased stability and gear storage, making it the best value in touring kayaks. Both models can be upgraded with an optional rudder for enhanced maneuverability and tracking.

Carolina Touring Kayaks

Expression Touring Series

The Expression 11.5 kayak combines touring handling and stability with expedition kayak features. Offering plenty of dry storage, it is suitable for multi-day journeys or simple day trips. Its streamlined design allows for easy transport and storage. The spacious cockpit and superior stability make it an ideal choice for beginners, while experienced paddlers will appreciate its speed and maneuverability. The six-point adjustable seat ensures exceptional comfort during extended trips, and the optional rudder adds enhanced maneuverability and tracking.

Expression Touring Kayaks

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