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Welcome to our diverse and exciting Recreational Kayak Collection!

Whether you're a beginner, an avid paddler, or looking for together fun, our Recreational Kayak Collection has something for everyone. Enjoy the water and create unforgettable memories with our versatile and comfortable kayaks!

New 2023 Hangtime 11.0

First up, we are introducing the 2023 Hangtime 11.0 sit-on-top recreational kayak, which falls into a distinct category, completely focused on making the most of the experience once you arrive at your destination. This kayak's exceptional design prioritizes the on-water adventure, creating a unique and unforgettable paddling experience.

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Drift Recreational Kayak Series

For beginners and value-seekers, the Drift 9.5 offers stability, durability, and safety. This sit-inside kayak is an ideal choice for calm waters and slow-moving streams.

Drift Recreational Kayaks

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Access Recreational Kayak Series

For those seeking an affordable and easy-going option, the Access series, including the Access 9.5 and Access 11.5 kayaks, are ideal choices. The Access 9.5 is perfect for beginners and intermediate paddlers, providing exceptional stability and ease of use in flat or slow-moving waters. The Access 11.5, on the other hand, performs exceptionally well in light surf, lazy rivers, and flat water, offering increased support and comfort with its longer design and molded high-back seat.

Access Recreational Kayaks

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Tribe Recreational Kayak Series

The Tribe collection features the Tribe 9.5 & Tribe 11.5 solo versions, and the 13.5T tandem version. These models offer increased comfort, multiple recline positions, and easy transport, making them excellent choices for various water conditions.

Tribe Recreational Kayaks

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Recreational Tandem Series

If you're looking for a tandem kayak for together time, the Cove 14.5 T is the perfect fit. Its roomy sit-in design ensures stability and performance for paddlers of all skill levels, and the comfortable seats and dry storage compartment make it perfect for extended journeys.

Recreational Tandem Kayaks

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Crank Recreational Pedal-Drive Series

For an exhilarating experience on the water, try our Crank 10.0 pedal-drive kayak. Designed for lakes, ponds, and calm coastal waters, it offers easy pedaling, excellent maneuverability, and the ability to go forward and reverse effortlessly.

Crank Recreational Pedal-Drive Kayaks

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Joyride Recreational Series

For those who prefer sit-in kayaks, our Joyride series is the way to go. From the Joyride 10.0 to the Joyride 12.0, you'll enjoy stability, comfortable seating, and customizable storage options.

Joyride Recreational Kayaks

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Rambler Recreational Series

The Rambler series sit-on-top kayaks excel in stability and maneuverability. Available in solo and tandem, they are perfect for lakes, ocean bays, and slow rivers, providing a safe and enjoyable ride.

Rambler Recreational Kayaks

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Prodigy Recreational Series

Last but not least, our Prodigy XS kayak is designed for smaller paddlers, offering stability, comfort, and performance in a sit-in design that ensures safety and ease of use.

Prodigy Recreational Kayaks

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