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Showdown 11.5

If you prefer a pedal-powered fishing experience, the Showdown 11.5 Fishing Kayak is your ideal choice. With its impressive premium features, elevated framed mesh seat, and silent traction pads, this modernized pedal drive kayak ensures a comfortable and enjoyable fishing adventure.

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Showdown Fishing Kayaks

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Outlaw Fishing Series

The Outlaw 11.5 Fishing Kayak is a true standout, featuring a wide-open deck, expansive standing platform, and elevated seating for the ultimate angling platform. The two double-barrel rod holders provide the perfect setup for multi-rod fishing, while the ergonomic and comfortable seat allows you to spend more time on the water, transitioning effortlessly from sitting to standing.

Outlaw Fishing Kayaks and Gear

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Pescador Fishing Series

Our Pescador series offers unmatched stability, speed, and straight-tracking performance, making them ideal for all-day excursions on lakes, ponds, and flat-water rivers. The Pescador 10.0 Fishing Kayak comes with spacious open storage, covered dry storage, and two rod holders, making it ready to fish straight out of the box. The Pescador 12.0 Fishing Kayak is a well-rounded performer, boasting extreme stability and a 375 lb capacity, perfect for anglers looking for added speed, storage, and stability.

Pescador Fishing Kayaks

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Sound Fishing Series

Lastly, our Sound series offers excellent stability and durability for exploring slow-moving waters. For an introduction to kayaking, the Sound 9.5 Fishing Kayak offers a perfect combination of comfort, features, and lightweight portability, making paddling and fishing a breeze. The Sound 10.5 Fishing Kayak provides ultimate stability and smooth steering, making it effortless to track straight and stay on course

Sound Fishing Kayaks

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