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When looking for the right board, we recommend reading the blog "How to Choose a Stand-Up Paddleboard (SUP)?". Each SUP has its own weight, size, and capacity. Take the time to thoroughly review the specifications of each one before making your selection. You can also compare the volumes of different models to determine what suits you best. Volume is measured in litres and is an excellent tool for assessing and comparing overall stability.

The air vent installed on most of our SUPs is meant to help the board breathe when stored in hot weather. If your air vent has a slot for a screwdriver, you should loosen it when the board is stored for long periods of time out of the water. Make sure to tighten it back in before going on the water! If the air vent is an octagon shape, this is a self-regulating valve and does not need to be adjusted.

Getting to and from the water is usually when most people experience damage to their SUPs or surfboards. It is important to treat your board with care at all times to maximize its life. When strapping on your car, make sure there is sufficient padding, especially along the rails. Make sure the board is strapped down tight enough that it will not slide around while driving, but not too tight that it will damage the rails of your board.

It is best to avoid warm temperatures when storing your board. Avoid leaving your board in a bag inside a hot car or garage. Make sure the board has ventilation. Inflatables can be stored either inflated or deflated.

We do not carry any touch-up paint. Automotive paint is extremely similar to the paint used on our boards, and a variety of colors are available to match the color as closely as possible to your board.

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