About Boardworks


Discover BOARDWORKS: A Legacy of Excellence in SUP and Surf

Since our early-90’s origins, BOARDWORKS has continuously evolved, establishing itself as a global leader in Stand Up Paddle (SUP) and surf industries. During our early days, we proudly partnered with renowned shapers in the SUP and surf world, including Stewart, Ben Aipa, Bruce Jones, Rusty, Infinity Surfboards, and Hynson.

Today, we are thrilled to be a part of thePelican International family of brands, a recognized name in watersports for over five decades. With decades of experience, we take the lead in introducing more people to the joys of being on the water, catering to both novices and seasoned water enthusiasts. Our team is a diverse blend of lifelong surfers and passionate paddlers, united by our love for oceans, lakes, rivers, and every waterway in between. This shared passion fuels our creativity, enabling us to craft products that we are proud to ride.

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Under the BOARDWORKS brand, we deliver the highest-quality SUP and surf products on the market, backed by over 25 years of experience. Our extensive range includes numerous award-winning products, such as a wide variety of rigid SUPs suitable for recreation, touring, or surfing, along with a comprehensive line of inflatable and soft-top SUPs. Additionally, we offer FROTH foam-covered surfboards in playful, feature-rich shapes and designs tailored to surfers of all ages. Paddlers can also find high-quality SUP paddles, SUP leashes, and SUP travel bags on the BOARDWORKS site, making us a one-stop destination for all water enthusiasts. Our collection of watercrafts is unrivaled in its diversity.

Never content with the status quo in our pursuit of paddling perfection, we challenge ourselves daily to ride the wave of innovation. Our focus is on innovative design, captivating graphics, and eco-friendly technical construction. We constantly research and develop board shapes and materials to enhance stability, performance, and the sheer fun of the sport. Our mission is to create superior products that make surfing and stand-up paddling enjoyable for everyone because, at BOARDWORKS, we truly live for the water.