Our Innovations



Unlocking Innovation for 20 Years

Our journey began two decades ago when we unveiled the world's first true Hybrid Inflatable Kayak, the AdvancedFrame®. Since then, we've been on a relentless pursuit of innovation, pushing the boundaries of inflatable kayaks and SUPs to redefine their performance on the water.

Crafting Excellence in Inflatable Kayak and SUP Design

At Advanced Elements, we consider our inflatable kayaks and SUP designs as craft and we pride ourselves in the consistent innovation, refinement, and evolution of our well-thought-out designs.

Innovative Excellence

Our extensive line of kayaks and paddleboards features many innovations that deliver the best in durability, portability, and performance.


Our AdvancedFrame® and StraitEdge™ kayak series are built with our renowned Aluminum Rib Frame Technology integrated into the bow and stern. This exceptional design enhances your paddling experience and tracking performance, setting them apart from all other inflatable kayaks.

The bow glides effortlessly through the water, while the stern functions as a stabilizing skeg, delivering tracking capabilities that rival traditional hard-shell kayaks.

Aluminium Rib Frame Design
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Uncomprimising Durability

Our kayaks are meticulously crafted using a multi-layer construction, ensuring unparalleled durability. With multiple air chambers, we prioritize safety and rigidity above all else.

Our distinctive designs, coupled with premium materials, provide a winning combination of high performance and portability, making your adventure the best it can be.

Rugged PVC Tarpaulin Hull Material

Our PVC Tarpaulin Hull Material is engineered with a robust construction. It consists of a polyester fabric core encased between layers of vinyl, forming a resilient and sturdy outer cover.

Advanced Multi-Layer Construction

Unlike most inflatable kayaks, where the side wall of the main chamber doubles as the inflation chamber, our kayaks are engineered with a multi-layered approach for ultimate durability. The primary inflation chambers are enveloped within their dedicated outer tube cover. In several of our models, these encapsulated inflation chambers are further shielded by the outer shell of the kayak body, providing unsurpassed protection against the elements.

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Enhanced Safety with Multiple Air Chambers

Our distinctive air chamber design prioritizes safety during your water adventures. We divide the primary inflation chamber into two separate air chambers that span the entire kayak. This means that if one chamber were to encounter any issue, your kayak would remain secure with a second chamber fully encasing the boat. Your peace of mind on the water is our top priority.

Seamless Convenience

Experience the effortless setup with our kayaks, all arriving pre-assembled from our factory. Utilizing our exclusive Spring Valve™ and Twistlok™ Valve technology, inflation becomes a breeze. Just unfold, inflate, and embark on your aquatic adventure!

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Revolutionizing Inflatable SUPs™

At Advanced Elements, we lead the charge in the evolution of inflatable Stand-Up Paddleboards (SUPs). Our diverse range of Inflatable Stand-Up Paddleboards is designed to cater to the unique needs of stand-up paddlers. From the groundbreaking Fishbone™ SUP, featuring a patented displacement hull design, to an array of distinctive models, each board offers exceptional features and uses.

Whether you're finding your zen on the Lotus YSUP™, exploring the world with your family on the versatile Hula™ 11 and 8 SUPs, or racing to victory on the Fishbone™, you'll come to appreciate the unrivaled portability and durability of our SUPs.

We implement cutting-edge Drop-stitch technology and multi-layer material construction to ensure top-notch rigidity and durability. Notably, our Fishbone™ SUP boasts a patented displacement hull design, delivering unmatched speed and tracking performance.

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Innovative Patented Displacement Hull Design

Our Patented Displacement Hull Design incorporates an injection-molded nose cap, ingeniously engineered to push water aside and cut through the water with very little effort. This unique feature allows the Fishbone™ EX with unparalleled tracking capabilities, making your water adventures smoother and more enjoyable than ever before.

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