Advanced Frame Kayak FAQ

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What kind of valves does the Advanced Frame® series have? (Click here for info)

The main chambers use the Advanced Elements Spring™ Valve. This valve has the function and durability of other military type valves and is compatible with most standard pumps. The Advanced Elements Spring™ Valve has a spring loaded plunger for easy inflation and deflation settings. The other chambers are the Twistlok™ valves.

Spring and Twistlok Valve

The AdvancedFrame® line of kayaks incorporate our patented Aluminum Rib Frame Technology in the bow and stern. This provides increased paddling and tracking performance unlike any other inflatable kayak. The bow slices through the water, while the stern acts like a skeg, providing trackability that rivals hard-shell kayaks. The bow is narrow and sharp, as well as raised (Greenlander style), which reduces the resistance through the water and keeps the waves from breaking on the deck. The stern closes the water behind the boat and acts like a skeg to keep the kayak traveling straight.

Rigid Bow and Stern Internal View

Innovation Aluminium Rib Frame Design

NO, absolutely not. When the Advanced Frame® is inflated properly, the skin is tight and the air chambers are firm. You must use a foot pump or hand pump to inflate to the needed pressure, an electric mattress inflator will not generate enough pressure. The Advanced Frame® requires no additional stiffener. The only reason that a stiffener would be needed would be if the kayak was not inflated properly OR the weight limit is being pushed. For those seeking even higher performance in our AdvancedFrame® line, we offer our Patented BackBone® accessory or rigid high-pressure floors that utilize Drop-Stitch technology. If you do want some extra rigidity and tracking performance, the BackBone® accessory or a Drop-stitch floor can be added to any of our AdvancedFrame® kayaks, further enhancing the performance.

The Backbone
Drop-Stitch Floor

Advanced Frame® kayak are 30 x 17 x 10 inches. 36 lbs.
Advanced Frame® Sport kayak are 30 x 17 x 10 inches. 26 lbs.
Advanced Frame® Expedition kayak are 32 x 20 x 10 inches. 42 lbs.
Advanced Frame® Convertible kayak are 36 x 21 x 11 inches. 56 lbs.

Simply put, the AdvancedFrame® Sport has a larger cockpit opening and a single chamber design. Over the years, we had customers that were requesting an AdvancedFrame® class kayak with a larger cockpit opening, so that it would be easier to get in and out of, and a lighter weight to make it a little easier to carry around. The result of these requests was the AE1017 AdvancedFrame® Sport. It should be noted that because of the larger cockpit opening, the AdvancedFrame® Sport cannot take a spray skirt.

Yes, if you need more space for your feet, simply let the air out of the floor chamber, then fold the rear of the floor over on itself (by 6″ or 8″) and slide the floor toward the rear of the boat. Then re-inflate the floor. This adds about 4″ of toe room. Also remove any footwear you may have on and make sure seat is all the way back towards the rear of the cockpit.

Yes, the coaming around the seating area of the AE1012, AE1009, and the conversion decks for the AE1007 can be used to attach a spray skirt. Our inflatable coaming is not a rigid coaming so it would not be sufficient for Eskimo rolls however it will hold the spray skirt to keep excess water out of the boat and keep the warmth in on winter day. We have two specially designed for it. They are available for purchase through dealers and various online retailers. Please note that the AE1017 AdvancedFrame® Sport cannot take a spray skirt as it does not have an inflatable coaming.

On average it takes about 5-7 minutes when inflating with a foot pump. It will obviously take longer than that the first time you setup as you will want to get familiar with the components and assembly described in the owner’s manual.

Yes, one of the nice features about this kayak is that there is actually room behind the seat to bring extra gear along on your adventure. There is also deck space to lash down any safety gear (spare paddle, etc.).

We use top quality reinforced PVC, and Hi-density fabrics. In order to puncture the main chamber from the bottom you would need to pierce through (3) three layers of material.

If you would like to use a spray protector, we would recommend UV TECH from McNett. This is the best on the market, and their tests do show that it extends the life of fabrics that are used in sunlight for extended periods.

The AdvancedFrame® kayak is designed to move thru the water like rigid and folding boats, instead of on top of the water like most inflatables. This greatly enhances the tracking, especially on powerful strokes.

The AdvancedFrame® is designed to be a day touring type boat, for flat or open water. The bow and stern have a rigid semi-frame that gives it a hard edge. This greatly improves the tracking over traditional inflatables. The AdvancedFrame® is fine for class 1 and 2 rivers, and durable enough for class 3, however it is really designed to paddle in a straight line, and therefore not recommended for rivers above class 3. When choosing a kayak for class 3 whitewater or greater, you really want a boat with a very rounded hull that will not grip on to the current, especially in eddys, like our Attack™ Whitewater Kayak. Unfortunately kayaks with very rounded hulls will not paddle very straight on flat water.