Our Favorite Inflatable Paddle Boards

There are many great reasons to choose an inflatable stand up paddle board! Keep reading to find out why!


There are many great reasons to choose an inflatable stand up paddle board. Some of the reasons consist of:

  • They pack down into a backpack, which is great for situations where you need to hike or walk to access the water.
  • Because of their portability, you won’t need to install a rack on your car to transport them.
  • They don’t take up a lot of storage space in your home in the off-season.
  • Inflatable paddle boards only take a few minutes to inflate and offer great stability on the water.

You may be tempted to buy a cheaper inflatable paddle board, but it’s better in the long run to spend a little more for a quality board. Flimsy construction and inferior technology often lead to tears, making your board unusable. A simple repair job often isn’t possible with cheap boards so you’ll have to pay to buy a replacement, even if the damage is minimal.

A properly built inflatable board is durable enough to handle any conditions you’ll encounter on the water. A well-constructed board will also last long enough to grow with you as you develop your skills from paddling on flat water to SUP yoga to surfing the waves!

Blue Pelican Boracay NXT 10.4 Inflatable Paddle Board

Here are the inflatable stand up paddle boards that consistently get rave reviews from our experts:

Best Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards

Boracay NXT 10.4 - Inflatable Paddle Board

The Boracay NXT 10'4 inflatable paddle board is ideal for beginners who want to discover the sport of paddleboarding. The board’s Drop Stitch construction ensures great rigidity, durability, and stability. The Boracay NXT 10'4 is a great option if you are searching for a board to fit your easy transportation and limited storage space needs. The board comes with a carry bag, pump, leash, a phone dry pouch, and a paddle! With Boracay NXT you're ready to hit the water and make a few people jealous along the way!

Blue Pelican Boracay NXT 10.4 Inflatable Paddle Board

SHUBU Lūnr 10'4 - Inflatable Paddle Board

The SHUBU Lūnr is designed to get you on the water fast and affordably. A lightweight, versatile board that loves to travel, the SHUBU Lūnr comes with our ultra-comfortable Honey Fomb heat embossed deck pad and neoprene carry handles for easy transport to and from the water. A single 9-inch standard SUP fin installs with an easy-to-use thumb screw – no tools required.

Blue Boardworks SHUBU Lūnr Inflatable Paddle Board

SHUBU Kanaloa 10'4 - Inflatable Paddle Board

The SHUBU Kanaloa is our high-end board designed with high quality DFL Construction. It benefits from the performance, durability, stability and rigidity without the added weight and ecological impact. This SUP has 10 anchor points with bungee cords and deck tie-downs to hold gear. It’s the perfect board for paddling adventures!

Blue Boardworks SHUBU Kanaloa 10'4 Recreational Inflatable Paddle Board

SHUBU Hydra - Inflatable Paddle Board

The SHUBU Hydra is a giant inflatable board that holds 6-8 people. Designed with stability to promote efficient paddling in every condition, this board is perfect for getting the whole gang in on the SUP action.

Boardworks SHUBU Hydra Recreational Inflatable Paddle Board

SHUBU Riptide 10'6 - Inflatable Paddle Board

The SHUBU Riptide is a stable and sturdy inflatable paddle board made for the paddler on a budget. This fun and travel-friendly recreational inflatable board gives you everything you need to get on the water and start paddling today.

Blue Boardworks SHUBU Riptide Recreational Inflatable Paddle Board

SHUBU Kraken 10' and 11’ - Inflatable Paddle Board

TheSHUBU Kraken works equally well for beginners and intermediate paddlers, and it's perfect for couples or families who want a “his-and-hers” board option. Available in two sizes – 10' and 11' – this inflatable SUP is built with exclusive technology that makes it stiffer and more durable than other inflatables.

Boardworks SHUBU Kraken Recreational Inflatable Paddle Board

SHUBU Raven 12'6 - Inflatable Paddle Board

The SHUBU Raven is the best inflatable paddle board for any trips where rivers, rocks, portages, and less-than-ideal conditions make it difficult to use a hard board. With its tapered bow and accentuated rocker, this board creates a stable and confidence-building platform, especially under load.

Boardworks SHUBU Raven Inflatable Paddle Board