Three Winter Surfing Spots for the Whole Family

While you can make the trek south of the equator and chase an endless summer, there are plenty of family-friendly surfing spots in the U.S.


Winter brings with it cooler temperatures and, much to the delight of surfers, it typically ushers in bigger waves. While you can make the trek south of the equator and chase an endless summer, there are plenty of family-friendly surfing spots in the U.S. that are worth exploring. With that in mind, here are three winter surfing destinations perfect for the whole family:

1. Oahu, Hawai’i

Regardless of the season, it’s pretty hard to list the best surfing spots and not mention Hawai’i. If you’re on the West Coast, it’s a relatively easy flight and for anyone else, it’s well worth the effort. Waikiki Beach on the island of Oahu is a popular surfing spot and for good reason. Winter surfing can be very rewarding here because the waves can be big and the temperatures rarely drop below 80 degrees.

Waikiki Beach offers incredible views and a wide variety of consistent waves. One of the best waves at Waikiki is Queen’s Surf, which is directly in front of the beach from the east end of Kuhio Beach Park. This spot is great for surfing on a longboard like the Froth 9’ Longboard.

Waikiki Photo

If Waikiki is crowded when you visit, check out Pokai Bay. It has waves perfectly suited for beginners because of the breakwater offshore that serves as protection for the beach. At Pokai Bay, you also won’t have to dodge other surfers as often as other locations. It’s a great spot for the lightweight, yet durableFroth 9’ Longboard as well.

2. Cocoa Beach, Florida

The Canaveral Pier at Cocoa Beach is one of the most well-known surfing spots on the East Coast. When the pier was built, it changed the layout of the sand around the structure, which intensified the waves. Today, it’s a great spot for the whole family and the waves typically won’t intimidate beginners.

In addition, you can take a short trip to Sebastian Inlet that is only about 30 miles away. Sebastion Inlet has swells throughout the year, including during the winter months. In this part of Florida, the water is typically on the warmer side. For that reason, many choose to go without a wetsuit, but some still prefer wearing thin wetsuits during the winter months.


If a surfboard is not on your radar, a versatile SUP like the Kraken 10'3 orBoracay NXT 10.4 are ideal boards for the waves at Cocoa Beach or cruising on the adjacent Banana or Indian rivers. These paddle boards can handle just about anything the Florida coast has in store for you during the winter season.

Blue Pelican Boracay NXT 10.4 Recreational Inflatable Paddle Board

3. San Diego, California

The San Diego area offers some of the best surfing in the states and Blacks Beach is one of the main reasons why. Blacks Beach, which is located beside the famed Torrey Pines golf course, benefits from the same underwater canyon that produces big waves in La Jolla. The waves here are not for beginners, so if all your family members aren’t competent on shortboards, you may want to visit Pacific Beach instead. Not only does the beach have a welcoming vibe, but it offers varying breaks for different skill levels in your family.

San Diego

Whether you choose to surf at Blacks Beach or Pacific Beach, a Froth shortboard makes for an excellent ride. Both the 5’ and 5’6” versions are lightweight, soft-top boards that are engineered to last and designed with all skill levels in mind.

You’ll want to be sure to bring a wetsuit in these waters during the winter months of the year. The outside temperature is still somewhat mild, so it doesn’t take much to stay comfortable. While San Diego beaches are extremely popular during the summer and fall months, you’ll largely avoid those crowds when the days become shorter.